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New product group under the GREEN FILTER brand - fuel pump filters!

The specialists of the German company Carberry GmbH are pleased to announce the next expansion of the range of GREEN FILTER brand - fuel pump filters. This new product group will be soon available for ordering on the autocomponents market!

The fuel filter is an important element of the fuel purification system, which is responsible for filtering the fuel from the rust and dirt particles present in any fuel. With the timely replacement of the fuel pump filter, the fuel supply is normalized, and the engine can develop its full power. Moreover, when an optimal fuel mixture is supplied to the engine, this also leads to fuel savings.


The new product group will include more than 20 articles for many popular cars, for example:

  • Article SF0100 for HONDA Civic 00->;
  • Article SF0101 for HONDA Civic / Insight 07->;
  • Article SF0102 for LEXUS RX / GX 02->, SUBARU Forester / Impreza / Legacy / Outback 07->, TOYOTA Harrier / Hilux / Kluger / Prius 03->;
  • Article SF0106 for INFINITI EX/FX 08->, NISSAN Teana/Skyline 08->.


Products manufactured under the GREEN FILTER trademark undergo a multi-stage quality control during the production process. In addition, all Carberry GmbH factories are ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified. All brand products have an unconditional one-year warranty from the moment of purchase.

Expansion of the range of fuel filters GREEN FILTER

The German company Carberry GmbH has announced the expansion of the GREEN FILTER range, which was supplemented with the new fuel filter articles.

Fuel filters are intended for the retention of solid particles that are in gasoline or diesel fuel. Among the main competitive advantages and features of GREEN FILTER fuel filters full compliance with OE-quality can be noted, as well as key design feature of the filter element with its ability to catch even the smallest dirt particles. Moreover, each batch of filters undergoes multistage quality control.


Among the new products, the following articles can be distinguished:

• Article  IK0132 - Fuel filter for HONDA CR-V 07->

• Article  IK0133 - Fuel filter for MAZDA 3 06->

• Article  IK0134 - Fuel filter for TOYOTA Camry 06->


The German company Carberry GmbH, which produces oil, fuel, air and cabin air filters under the GREEN FILTER brand, devotes special attention to the quality and reliability of the auto parts: all the factories, where the company's products are manufactured, are certified according to the ISO/TS 16949:2009 and quality control is carried out throughout all the process chain. Filters of the brand GREEN FILTER are made to secure an efficient filtration of motor oil, fuel or air in the engine and in the cabin. All brand products are covered with one-year warranty from the date of purchase.